Can I easily switch from my current Accountant?

Switching from your current Accountant is a very easy process. All you need to do is provide us with their details, and we will contact them to request the transfer of your file to us – it’s that easy!

What are your fees?

We’re happy to provide an upfront quote for our services, but don’t provide generic pricing on our website. This is because every client is unique, and a what suits you may be completely different to what suits another. We are very competitive with our fees, and can tailor a package to suit your individual needs. We offer a complimentary initial consultation (businesses only), so why not contact us to book yours today.

What is your preferred Accounting Software?

We believe that there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for every business, and we can work with your preferred software solution. In saying that, if we believe that there may be a better option for you, we will discuss this with you to ensure that you are using the most efficient solution for your business.

I want to use an online Accounting system, can you help me set it up and show me how to use it?

We love to help our clients set up online Accounting systems – they are an excellent tool to improve efficiency within your business. We will help you to decide which program best suits your needs and also your budget, set everything up for you as well as provide any training and support you may need to be able to use the program.

I’m not located on the Sunshine Coast. Does that matter?

It does not matter at all, in fact we have clients located all over Australia. With the technology we have available to us now, it means that we are able to effectively service our clients no matter where they are located.

Do you offer monthly or quarterly payment options?

We offer different options for payment to suit your individual needs. Our preferred method of payment is via a direct debit arrangement – we take your yearly fee and spilt it into manageable monthly or quarterly payments to assist with cashflow. However, if you prefer to pay upon completion of our services, we can accommodate this too.

Can you help me set up my new business?

We can assist in all aspects of setting up your new business including:

  • Choosing the best structure to protect your assets and get the best tax outcomes
  • Business planning, budgeting and cashflows
  • Deciding what software best suits your needs and budget
  • Information about your obligations with reporting and compliance including a estimate of our annual fees
  • Answer any other questions you may have

We would love to help you make your business dreams a reality!

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